Sustainability Projects

Sustainability Projects

I mentor and guide students on creating and implementing sustainability projects at CSUCI in two of my chemistry courses. Typically, in the Fall Semester in my Environmental Chemistry class (Chem 101) the students design a project and work to obtain funding. In the Spring Semester, in my Energy and Society class (Chem 344) the students work to implement the projects. Below are brief descriptions of our successful projects.


The success of our sustainability projects is due to a collaborative effort from other faculty and staff. With our combined efforts we have executed several successful projects. Two individuals have been instrumental to all of the projects success. I am especially grateful to our Chair of the Chemistry Department, Professor Simone Aloisio who has made these projects possible through his support and wisdom. I am also thankful to Gina Matibag, Administrative Analyst from Academic Affairs who has been instrumental in providing insight and advice on every project.

Our Successful Projects

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Ongoing Community Service


3D Printing Face Shields During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Hosting an Annual CI Earth Day

(Eco Ekho Day)


Skip the Straw & Kick the Cup Campaign
(To be posted soon)

Clothing Drive
Pollinator Gardens and Outreach
Food Donation Bins and a Wagon


Bike Generated Electricity


Solar Cooking


No Idling Campaign

(to be posted soon)



 Waste Signage Improvement

Battery Powered Garden Tools


Electronic Waste Disposal Event



 Waste Signage Improvement



Parking Lot Solar Lights

Organic Waste Educational Campaign



Planting Vegetation



Restoration of the Art Department’s Kiln

Green Screens


Sustainable Events