Bike Generated Electricity

Why generate electricity from a bike?

  • Reduce energy usage for charging or powering electronics.
  • Reduce waste and pollution associated with fossil fuel sourced electricity.

Student Leaders:

Spring 2018: Travis Cribbs, Chase Farrell, Rogelio Luna-Mendez, Geovani Quijas, Jose Zavaleta-Contreras:

Earth day table with the off the wall bike powering karaoke.


The students from Spring 2018 hosted several tabling events throughout the semester and hosed a karaoke table powered by a bike on Earth Day. The ultimate goal of this project is to provide awareness about alternative energy sources and purchase bikes that can generate electricity for the school gym.

Watch an 3.5 min video about the project:


Thanks to the following individuals for their support and guidance:

  • Gina Matibag, Administrative Analyst
  • Professor Simone Aloisio, Chair of the Chemistry Department