Earth Day

Earth Day (Eco Ekho Day)

Why host Earth Day at CI?

Student participants generating electricity with a bicycle to sing karaoke and provide live music for Eco Ekho Day.

Hosting Earth Day provides:

  • An opportunity for educational outreach about sustainability.
  • A place to display student sustainability projects.
  • A fun and lively venue to gain individuals interest.
  • A large foot traffic and audience.
  • A place to hold questionnaires and surveys.
  • An inspiration for future projects and sustainability endeavors.


  • Gina Matibag has spearheaded and helped organize this annual event.
  • Safa Khan helps organize, setup and provide advice to students.
  • Chem 344 Student Groups from 2016 to the present
Gina Matibag working hard to support student endeavors.

The Event

Each Energy and Society (Chem 344) group is required to host an Earth Day table and advertise for the event. The Chem 344 groups spend nearly the entire semester preparing for Earth Day. Chem 344 groups create educational games, activities, posters and other educational materials. They budget for and purchase sustainable prizes to hand out to student participants. Gina Matibag works hard to setup Earth Day, such as booking outside vendors and securing the location. Free food is typically provided after participants receive a stamp from all of the Chem 344 tables. Stamps are only given if the educational activities are completed at each table. Community members are invited and encourage to attend. Over 400 individuals attended Earth Day in 2018. Funding for Earth Day comes from the IRA fund.
Green Chemistry, Eco Ekho Day post card with the completed activity stamps on the back.

List of Chem 344 student tables

Solar cooking on Eco Ekho Day.
  • Pollinator Garden and Pollinator Outreach – handed out pollinator plants and pamphlets. (2018)
  • Fast Fashion Waste – handed out free clothes (2018)
  • Solar Oven – made burritos and s’mores for tasting using solar energy. (2018)
  • Generate Energy with a Bicycle – provided live karaoke music with bike powered energy. (2018)
  • No Idling Signs – students voted on no-idling signs to be placed on campus. (2018)
  • Food Drive – collected food for the CI pantry. (2017)
  • Green Screens – voted on green screen designs and locations. (2017)
  • Electronic Waste – collected electronic waste for recycling. (2017)
  • Waste Bin Signage – voted on waste bin signage and played waste bin toss game. (2017)
  • Organic Waste Signage – voted on organic waste signage. (2017)
  • Long Creek Restoration – rallied 30 volunteers to help plant vegetation for the Long Creek Restoration. (2016)
  • Sustainable Event Guides – participants read draft and provided feedback. (2016)
  • Energy Savings Techniques – provided information on saving energy. (2016)
Children eating bee friendly treats and learning about sustainability.

Other student group tables

  •  Santa Rosa Island Research Station Student Committee Club (Spring 2018)

Past vendors at the event

  • The Abundant Table
  • Community Roots Garden
  • Ventura County Watershed Protection District
  • Santa Monica Mountain Fund
  • Scratch food truck
Scratch food truck provided free portobello or chicken sandwiches with a completed stamp card.

Video For the 2018 Eco Ekho Day



Thanks to the following individuals for their support and guidance:

  • Professor Simone Aloisio, Chair of the Chemistry Department