Green Screens

Green Screens


The Green Screen Group leaders at the Earth Day event.

Why make green screens?

  • Increases awareness among the CSU Channel Islands community on ways to become more sustainable
  • Reduces paper signage on campus
  • Saves water and energy from paper production
  • Reduces air, water and land pollution from paper production




Student Leaders

Spring 2017: Andrew Adford, Michael Fox, Marina Ghali, Russel Layman & Brittany Nielsen



A Green Screen located at CSUCI. Green Screens are located in Ironwood, Bell Tower, and Del Norte and were funded via IRA (Instructionally Related Activities Fund).

The student leaders started off this project with an initial survey of 65 participants from the CSUCI student population to identify areas that can be improved and worked on for Green Screens. The student leaders made a total of 17 slides to be displayed on the Green Screens located throughout campus. The slides represented a variety of issues, with a main focus on carbon dioxide emission from transportation. In addition to the slides, the students tabled on Earth Day at CSUCI to promote awareness of sustainability issues and get feedback on their slides. On Earth Day the students gave a fun sustainability quiz that 52 students took. Each participant was placed into a raffle to win one of three Purist Sports water bottles. The green screens were also aired at the Assembly Committee Hearing – Organic Waste: Our Goals and How to Achieve Them on 10/26/17.



Below are a few example questions from the Earth Day sustainability quiz:

  • How much carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted by driving from the Camarillo Metrolink Station to CSUCI given its 4.5 miles one way and the average car emits 0.4 KG CO2 per mile.
  • What percent of plastic bottles end up being recycled?
  • Which of the following is not a way to reduce air pollution?


Examples of 4 of the green screens made Spring 2017.



Watch a ~3 min Video of the Project and Earth Day Event:



Thanks to the following individuals for their support and guidance:

  • Gina Matibag, Administrative Analyst
  • Coleen Barsley, Sustainability & Operations Analyst
  • Professor Simone Aloisio, Chair of Chemistry Department
  • Russell Winans (SEAL Center)