Organic Waste

Organic Waste Education Campaign

One of the flyers created for the educational campaign.


Why have an organic waste education campaign?

  • Reduces food entering the landfills, thereby also reducing methane emissions
  • Turns food waste into compost soil,
  • Compost soil helps reduce soil erosion, non-organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides – making our air and water cleaner
  • Helps CSUCI reach compliance with AB 1826
  • Increases CSUCI student population awareness of compostable materials



Student Leaders

Spring 2017: Francois Andrews, Robyn Ellis, Javier Martinez, Jerrod Plummer




One of the flyers created for the organic waste education campaign.


In order to become compliant with AB 1826, CSUCI has proposed collecting its organic waste and using EJ Harrison and Sons to recycle organic waste at industrial compost facility.  The initiative will take place in 2 stages:


  Phase 1:  Prep/Kitchen Staff Collections

  Phase 2:  Post Consumer Collection

EJ harrison will collect CSUCI food waste and deliver it to a secondary company called Agromin, which sells compost soil in Ventura County and throughout Southern California. Agromin employs a Covered Aerated Static Pile System in Oxnard, CA to promote aerobic conditions that mix the food waste and yard waste to create enriched compost materials.

The student leaders in this project made posters for the CSUCI Sustainability Projects Office to assist in the efficient launch of CSUCI compliance initiative for organic waste collection. In addition to the posters, a survey was given out on Earth Day to determine which of the created visual aids were easiest to understand.

Examples of the flyers made for the organic waste education campaign.


The following video was created by the Spring 2017 students. It aired at the  Assembly Committee Hearing – Organic Waste: Our Goals and How to Achieve Them on 10/26/17.

Watch a 3 min Video of the Project:


Thanks to the following individuals for their support and guidance:

  • Gina Matibag, Administrative Analyst
  • Coleen Barsley, Sustainability & Operations Analyst
  • Professor Simone Aloisio, Chair of the Chemistry Department