Waste Signage

Waste Signage Improvement


Trash Toss Game at CSUCI Earth Day Event.

Why improve CSUCI’s waste signage?

  • Help students, staff and faculty identify which trash bin to use
  • Improve the waste bin sign readability and information
  • Increase basic recycling knowledge



Student Leaders:

Spring 2017: Claude Cahuantzi, Noreen Ednave & Austin Valdovino



The student leaders created trash bin signs. They also tabled on the CSUCI Earth Day Event where they conducted the following:

  • Recycling Education
  • Trash toss game (student participants won B2P (Bottle to Pens) and recycled tote bags)
  • Waste Quiz

Below are a few example questions from the Earth Day waste quiz:

  • Which country is the leading trash generator?
  • In 2014, around how much municipal solid waste did the United States generated?
  • Gold Coast Recycling Incorporated processes CSUCI recyclables. Which of these are not recyclable through Gold Coast Recycling?
  • How long does a one-time use  plastic bottle decompose when it becomes marine trash?
Waste bin signage created by the student leaders.

Watch a 2 min Video of the Project and Earth Day Event:


Thanks to the following individuals for their support and guidance:

  • Gina Matibag, Administrative Analyst
  • Coleen Barsley, Sustainability & Operations Analyst
  • Professor Simone Aloisio, Chair of the Chemistry Department
  • Gold Coast Recycling Incorporated
  • E.J. Harrison