Community Service

Community Service

Clay cleaning the coast.


Students in my Chem 101 and Chem 344 class have the pleasure of performing 5 hours of community service.


Why community service?

  • Enriches the community
  • Empowers students to make a difference
  • Promotes life satisfaction, self esteem and stress relief
  • Strengthens social and community bonding
  • Enhances personal knowledge and communication skills
  • Saves resources




Below is a brief list of some of the community service events my students have done: 


Kalynn and her mom serving meals to food insecure individuals.

Environmental Cleanup and Care:

  • Coastal Cleanup (Surfrider Beach Cleanup and Coastal Cleanup Day)
  • Resource Conservation Partners
  • Weeding non-native vegetation (Ventura Wildlife Pond Restoration Project, Santa Barbara Channelkeeper and Channel Islands Restoration)

Food Insecurity:

  • Picking fruits and vegetables at farms and people’s homes through Food Forward
  • Serving meals to food insecure individuals (Family to Family, Homeless Shelters, Cooking Advocate)

Community Enrichment:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Educate elementary school students on sustainability
  • Teaching and supporting students with learning and physical disabilities
  • March for Science

CI sustainability:

  • Make sustainability awareness announcement green screens at CI
  • Document type and number of trees at CI



Photos of Community Service 

At March for Science.

Picking carrots for the food insecure.

Feeding residents at Pescadero Lofts, a sliding scale housing system.

Identifying trees at CSUCI.

Cleaning our beaches.

Pulling out the invasive ice plant species.