Solar Parking Lot Lights

Solar Powered Lights in Student Parking Lots


solarWhy solar power?

  • Reduces fossil fuel consumption.
    • Lowers our carbon dioxide and other air pollution emissions.
    • Mitigates the negative effects of air pollution such as climate change, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases
  • Saves money on energy.
  • Sunlight is a plentiful and renewable energy source.


Student Leaders

Fall 2015: Victoria Olavide, Sylvia Sanchez, Alma Villanueva & Alexsys Wasse

Fall 2016: Chrissy Angeles, Mariah Cervantes- Morales, Kenia Gonzalez, Molly Irelan, Maria Lara, Jordan Sweaney & Clay Velarde



In the Fall of 2015, students designed a proposal to install solar powered lights in the A parking lot at CSUCI. The project was approved and funded for $8,558. Solar light were purchased. In the Fall of 2016, students obtained funding to install the light poles.



Thanks to Professor Simone Aloisio, Gina Matibag from Academic Affairs and Coleen Barsley from Facilities who have all provided insight and advice. Provost Dan Wakelee has provided guidance on the project. This project was funded by CI’s Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) fund.