Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events – Spring 2016


Why sustainable events?

  • Increases recycling and proper waste disposal at the event.
  • Decreases waste produced.
  • Decreases energy used during event.
  • Promotes sustainability education and awareness
  • Identifies options for locally sourced food


Student Leaders: Joanna Fogarty, Jonathan Herrera, Lorna Razo & Jose Tamayo



The sustainability event project had three parts:

1) Create a sustainability event guide to enable faculty, staff and students to make sustainable events.

2)  Create recycle and trash event waste bin labels to promote proper waste disposal.

3) Raise awareness on Earth Day on how to properly dispose of waste.


Part 1 – Event Sustainability Guide

The students created a guide that covers a variety of aspects, including marketing, displays, decor, materials used, beverages, food and recycling/waste. To view a draft of the guide, please click here: sustainableeventguide


Part 2 – Waste-bin Labels and Earth Day:

The students designed and created 4 lids for events on campus.

An example of one of the recycle labels.

Two of the lids the students designed.


Part 3 – Earth Day:

The students tested out the new labels on Earth Day. Two of the lids were used on trash bins to test their efficacy. The other two lids were used in a toss game to win either a reusable bottle, a pen or a reusable tote bag. To play the toss game, students were required to take a sustainability quiz. The quiz provided feedback as to the clarity and ease of use of the lids and event guide. The quiz also educated students on proper waste disposal.

Students providing feedback on the sustainability guide.

Students playing ball toss into the trash bin lid.



Special thanks to Gina Matibag from Academic Affairs for helping setup Earth Day. Professor Simone Aloisio made these projects possible through his support and wisdom.  Coleen Barsley provided valuable advice. Provost Dan Wakelee has provided guidance on the project.