Electronic Waste Disposal Event

Kahlil and Abigail at the electronic waste collection event on Earth Day.

Why do an Electronic Waste Disposal Event?

  • Decreases the volume of trash sent to landfills.
  • Reduces electronic waste sent to the developing world, thereby reducing exposure of the hazardous waste to children, adults and wildlife. Click here to watch a video on what often happens to electronic waste.  
  • Promotes jobs. 
  • Conserves natural resources (aluminum, copper, gold and other metals).
  • Promotes awareness of proper disposal of e-waste.
  • Reduces energy and pollution (air and water)


Student Leaders: 

Fall 2016: Alexandria Calderon, Sally Fernandez, Nathan Gerardo, Ivan Lopez, Jasmine Smith & Daniel Valadez

Fall 2017: Kahlil Edozie, Lance Lolli, Abigail Navarro & Navtej Sidhu



Flyer for Electronic Waste Collection Event.

In the Fall Semester of 2016, students designed and proposed a project to hold an event to recycle electronic waste during the dorm move-out week of the semester. G&C Technologies Inc. agreed to collect the electronic waste for free. The project was approved and funded for $250 to cover any unforeseen fees.

In the Spring Semester of 2017, students held a two day electronic waste disposal event. Raw revolution bars were given out to anyone who visited the booth. A visa gift card was given out as a grand prize for someone who brought their e-waste to the event. In addition the students made a survey to help educate the CI student population.


Prizes given out on Earth Day.










Results from E-Waste Collection: 

Photograph of some of the electronic waste collected at the event.

~100 lbs of waste collected

  • 4 Printers
  • 10 Cell Phones
  • 1 TV
  • 8 VHS
  • 4 VCR
  • Wires
  • 2 Fans
  • 1 Humidifier
  • Other miscellaneous items.


Results from Survey: 

Ultimately, the purpose of the survey was to educate the student population about proper disposal of electronic waste. 53 CSUCI students took the time to complete the survey. For the small sample size the following was identified:

  • 47.4% prefer Broome Library  as the top location for a permanent electronic waste Bin location.
  • 50.5% of the students do not check if their electronics are RoHS Certified before purchasing.
  • 51.5% did not know what happens with to their electronic waste.
  • 27.8% of the students indicated that they had never recycled electronics.


Video of  Where our Waste Went:

Students from Spring 2017 made the following video of what G&C Technology does with our waste:



We would like to give special thanks to G&C Technology for providing free electronic waste pickup and a tour of their sorting site. We are especially grateful to Gina Matibag for helping with the setup of Earth Day. Thanks to Coleen Barsley for valuable advice and our Chair of the Chemistry Department, Simone Aloisio for his support. This project was funded by CI’s Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) fund.