I was raised mostly in sunny Sacramento, California. While growing up, I lived briefly in Jordan, Arkansas and Washington D.C. I have fond memories of playing at the river, riding my bike and climbing trees. I began my undergraduate degree at UC Davis and later transferred to the University of Washington (UW) in the picturesque city of Seattle. At UW, I received a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Near Eastern Studies, Physiology and Chemistry. I received my PhD in Chemistry from UC Irvine in 2008 while working under the supervision of John Hemminger and the mentorship of Sergey Nizkorodov and Barbara Finlayson-Pitts. I specialized in physical chemistry with a focus on surface science and atmospheric chemistry. During my years of research at UC Irvine, I imaged atoms using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) in order to clarify mechanistic details of heterogeneous catalyst reactions of hydrocarbons on platinum. Please click on this link to read my full CV.

I am currently teaching in the Chemistry Department at the beautiful campus of California State University, Channel Islands. I teach classes online and in the physical classroom setting on energy, the environment and how chemistry is related to our society. I supervise and mentor students on creating and implementing sustainability projects. These sustainability projects are all related to chemistry and help the students utilize their scientific knowledge to make a lasting impact on the environment. Please click on this link to read more about these projects.

I also teach general and introductory chemistry. I enjoy the process of helping students gain confidence and skills so that they can increase their aspirations and become successful at their future endeavors. A key to student success is in part for the instructor to provide a positive atmosphere, where students are respected. I believe in providing my students’ access to a caring individual, where they can get extra help, mentoring and mistakes are viewed as an opportunity for learning and improvement.  To me, teaching is a passion and a noble job.