Battery Powered Garden Tools


Storage room for the batteries and power tools.

Why battery powered tools?

  • Reduces air pollution
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Enables gardeners to work better hours, since the tools are quite and do not disturb classes
  • Lighter and easier to carry
  • Saves energy from fossil fuels


Student Leaders: 

Fall 2016: Christopher Baumgartner, Christian Carrillo, Jasmine Edmison, Tajazee Hargrove, Zuhayr Ramadan, Angelita Sandoval



In the Fall Semester of 2016, students designed and proposed a project to replace CI’s current power garden tools with battery powered tools. The plan is to replace the leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and edge trimmers. The project was approved and funded for $5,000. Husqvarna power tools were purchased for their durable and lightweight qualities.


The battery powered tools in action.


Item Name Weight
3 Trimmers 6.6
3 Leaf Blowers 5.29
3 Li-Ion Batteries
4 Battery Chargers
2 Balance Harness
3 Li-Ion Battery

Table of the items purchased from Husqvarna.



We would like to make a special thanks to the Grounds Manager, Jason Hughes for all of his valuable advice and help in purchasing the power tools. Gina Matibag and Coleen Barsley have provided valuable guidance and also helped in the purchase of the power tools. Finally, this project was made possible through the continued strong support of the Chemistry Chair, Simone Aloisio. This project was funded by CI’s Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) fund.